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Continent Group of Companies

Continent Group of Companies (Continent GC) offers a complete set of customs and logistics services. Specialized units within Continent GC are ready to provide consulting, legal and logistical support to enterprises and organizations in the field of customs brokerage services, customs clearance in Moscow, freight forwarding, international cargo transportation, FEA outsourcing.

The way we work

The work of each GC unit is organized in accordance with modern requirements to the cargo transportation market. A range of services allowing to successfully solve any tasks set by the customer covers any direction, being whether customs logistics, freight forwarding, transportation of oversized cargoes or legal assistance.

We offer:

  • Customs services
  • Services rendered by a transport and logistics company
  • Transportation of oversized and project cargoes
  • Foreign trade agent services
  • Legal services

Customs broker. Cargo registration and FEA services

Starting from 15 000 RUR

Import takes 1-2 days, export takes 1 day.

Continent Customs Agency LLC and Customs Partner LLC render a complex of services in the sphere of foreign economic activity. Those in need for a qualified customs broker in Moscow apply to the Agency. In addition to rendering various FEA services, experts can helps with obtaining certificates and other permits, as well as render financial and consulting services. A customs representative will take on the tasks associated with the door-to-door cargo transportation, including customs clearance. Within the framework of mutually beneficial cooperation, Customs Partner LLC will provide all the advantages of a partnership with the company included in the Register of customs representatives. Opening of organization departments and professional mediation in near-customs sphere are possible to implement.

FEA: Legal Services

Magistral LLC renders a complex of legal services within Continent Group of Companies. The company experts render the services for refunding of advance payments, as well as duties and taxes recovered beyond the routine. A company representative will defend the interests of the customer at court in regard of the claims related to the adjustment of the cost of the customs services. The lawyers of Magistral LLC feel rather confident in terms of the specific features of FEA and can advise the customers on any issues related to currency, customs and tax legislation. Legal support will be needed if the customer is planning to conclude a foreign economic contract. The company also provides support in obtaining preliminary decisions on the classification of goods under a unified Customs Union Commodity Classification of Foreign Economic Activity and obtaining classification decisions of FCS.

Logistics Company: Freight Forwarding

The service price is based on the following:
— Weight;
— Cargo description;
— Cargo harmfulness.

Continent Logistic LLC is engaged in this activity, the scope of which covers transport and forwarding services. You can entrust everything related to the transportation of cargoes by land, sea, rail and air, to the experts of Continent Logistic. Transportation and logistics company is engaged both in intracity and intercity transportation in the Russian Federation, as well as in international transportation by various transportation modes. The interests of the company combine cargo consolidation, removal of containers from the port and other issues related to the direction of transport and logistics.

Other Services

We offer FEA outsourcing during freight traffic. Agent (company employee) represents the customer’s interests at all levels of authority as a participant in a foreign trade transaction. The scope of services in terms of FEA outsourcing includes currency and post-customs control, as well as ensuring of a legal way of goods from the date of purchase to the date of transfer to the customer, including shipping and customs clearance. In addition, Continent GC organizes transportation of oversized and project cargoes developing optimal delivery schemes, manufacturing fasteners and fixtures, organizing the loading, performing dredging and bank protection works, building temporary piers for allocation and unloading, monitoring the freight transfer.

One more activity is the delivery of equipment and machinery, including leasing, as well as hazardous cargoes and chemicals in accordance with PURCHASE HOUSE scheme. The company’s experts will find a supplier abroad, take control of the customs clearance (services of a customs representative), provide forwarding and obtaining permits, including the conclusions of sanitary-epidemiological expertise.

Why us?

Cooperation with Continent GC means that all operations related to cargo transportation and customs clearance will be under the constant supervision of professionals. Expenses of the customer for any operations, such as delivery of equipment and project cargoes, logistics, FEA related operations, obtaining of permits and customs clearance, will be minimized with the support of the experts of Continent GC. Legal advice and assistance on issues related to the payment of duties and taxes will allow the customers to always benefit.

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