Certificate of inclusion of Customs Partner LLC in the register of customs representatives

Exhibition Cargoes – Customs Clearance and Escorting

Cost of services
Starting from 60,000 RUR

Customs clearance pursuant to the temporary import-export procedure.

At least 5 days.

Our Advantages

We operate via electronic declaration centers

We have our own Certification Department

We work at the majority of customs stations

Specialized Analytical Department

The exhibition cargoes category includes:

  • The goods intended for display at fairs and exhibitions held in Russia and abroad;
  • Stand equipment meant to arrange the product display;
  • Accessories and tools for assembly and disassembly of both the stand equipment and the exhibits themselves;
  • Advertising and souvenir handouts.

Customs clearance of exhibition cargoes

Customs clearance of exhibition cargoes is carried out in accordance with the stated procedures:

  • Temporary import and subsequent re-export of the exhibits arriving to be displayed in Russia;
  • Release for domestic consumption: for advertising and souvenir handouts;
  • Temporary export and subsequent re-import of the exhibits departing to be displayed abroad;
  • Export for advertising and souvenir handouts exported abroad.

It is important to note that the majority of exhibition cargoes\goods are exempt from the so-called non-tariff regulatory measures. However, there is an amount of goods, the import and export of which is impossible without authorization by the competent Russian authorities.

Continent customs representative is ready to undertake and do all the work to obtain necessary permits from such agencies as: the Federal Service for Military and Technical Cooperation, the Russian Federal Surveillance Service for Compliance with the Law in Mass Communications and Cultural Heritage Protection, Radio Frequency Center of the CFD etc.

Freight forwarding of exhibition cargoes

In order to render the maximally full service, Continent customs representative renders services on transportation of exhibition cargoes by any transportation mode, as well as related services for the storage of the recycled package, rigging, cargo insurance, preparation of goods transportation and shipping documents.

ATA Carnet

In accordance with the Convention on Temporary Admission (the Istanbul Convention) dated June 26 1990, the list goods, the import of which is carried out under a simplified procedure using ATA Carnet, is determined.

The goods imported/exported using the ATA Carnet, are fully exempt from any customs duties and the term of temporary import\export can be up to one year with the possibility of extension upon obtaining of a replacing ATA Carnet.

The list of goods transferred under ATA Carnet is very big: from the professional television equipment and exhibits to the laboratory and research equipment used for calibration and commissioning.

Experts of Continent customs representative may provide comprehensive advice on handling the goods transferred using ATA Carnet.

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