Certificate of inclusion of Customs Partner LLC in the register of customs representatives

Customs Clearancea

Starting from 15 000 RUR

Import takes 1-2 days, export takes 1 day.

Customs clearance options
— Equipment;
— Specialized machinery;
— Chemicals;
— Consumer goods;
— Phyto- and veterinary goods.

During customs clearance the goods are attributed to our importer.
Customs clearance in accordance with the declared value.

Clearance procedures
— Temporary import;
— Processing outside the customs territory;
— Re-export;
— Import;

Transportation modes
— Motor;
— Marine;
— Rail;
— Air.

— Declaration of Conformity, Certificate of Conformity, State Registration Certificate;
— Execution of permits, obtaining of customs classification decisions.

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In order to move cargoes and transport across the border, a number of documents shall be executed. Duly executed customs clearance means that the goods were imported into or exported from a country legally and can be delivered to their destination without hindrance. Continent offers customs clearance services for various types of cargo and vehicles in all regions of the Russian Federation.

Customs clearance: trust the professionals

When transferring goods across the border, a set of operations is carried out, including completion of the declaration, payment of fees and excise duties, submission of all sorts of permits and forwarding documents. It is essential that the customs clearance of goods was carried out legally correctly. Continent customs representative renders the following services:

  • Execution of all necessary documents;
  • Control over the customs operations implemented;
  • Obtaining of permits and certificates;
  • Consulting related to FEA and customs legislation.

Preparation and Execution of Documents

An expert of Continent will take over the coordination and execution of a documents package without which the goods will not be able to cross the border. Cargo customs declaration will be completed correctly, the rest of the documents will be submitted for review fully prepared. In different cases, the movement of goods requires different document packages and a lot depends on the commodity code according to the FEA classification, the form of settlements carried out between the partners, the transportation conditions. Supported by experts of Continent customs representative, the customs clearance will go smoothly and without delay. Invoices, packing lists, specifications and bills of lading will be executed in accordance with the rules governing the customs declaration of goods in the Russian Federation.

Customs Clearance of Goods: Integrated Control

Cooperation with Continent customs representative means complete comprehensive control over every stage of moving goods across the border. The company experts will represent the customer when dealing with the customs officials. Since the service of export and import operations by Continent customs broker includes the preparation of documents and the payment of duties and excise taxes, the customer will not have to worry about anything. The cargo will be inspected, cleared and delivered on time.

Permits and Legal Consultancy

Customs clearance of the goods supported by qualified experts means that the permits and certificates for the goods will be received on time and duly filled in. In addition to these services, the customers of Continent customs representative can count on the consulting services regarding the specific features of the FEA operations. Employees of Continent offer verbal and written advice on the drawing up of contracts, filling in the forwarding documents, determination of FEA commodity codes and calculation of customs duties.

The advantages of customs clearance supported by the experts of Continent customs representative are obvious. There are many nuances in the current legislation, the violation of which is fraught with serious problems. An incomplete documents package, an incorrectly filled in declaration or an erroneous FEA commodity determination can become an obstacle in the path of the cargo. In addition, the customs legislation is constantly updating, and it is rather difficult for an inexperienced person to sort out the significant amount of information on the transportation of goods.

Cooperation with professionals will provide an opportunity to avoid the misunderstanding of regulations, to rule out the errors in the preparation of FEA-related contracts and to eliminate any obstacles in the transportation of goods across the border.

How much is the customs clearance of import and export?

The cost of services consists of many components:

  • Specific features of the cargo;
  • Number of commodity items;
  • Departure point;
  • Availability of forwarding documents;
  • Complexities of the cargo declaring process.

The price of the customs clearance services is calculated individually for each case. You can use our on-line application form in order to find out the preliminary service cost, or contact a manager by phone numbers specified on this page.

Our customers benefit anyway, regardless of the circumstances: the work with qualified customs experts and lawyers significantly reduces the procedure time and eliminates any extra payments.