Certification of Goods, Permits

5,000 – 40,000 RUR

Depending on the type of certification (CD, CS, SRC, etc.).

1–30 days.

Our Advantages

We operate via electronic declaration centers

We have our own Certification Department

We work at the majority of customs stations

Specialized Analytical Department

Continent offers a service for comprehensive certification of goods during the customs clearance. With our help, you can easily get any permits for the transportation of goods and cargoes.

Our services

Certification of goods (subject to outsourcing)

We fully undertake the execution of documents for the unimpeded cargo transfer. Given the features of your goods, as well as all the details of the applicable legislation, our experts will create an individual certification program for every customer. You will not have to remember the validity terms of permits or update them. We take care of all the issues on the certification of goods and, in the meantime, your employees can address other important business or production tasks. As we know, the combination of duties is always fraught with errors, delays and loss of profits. Professional certification of products is a rational way to avoid such problems.

Professional Advice

We respect our customers and are always ready to help. That is why we not only render cargo certification services, but also give expert advice on difficulties of this procedure. Every product has its own features and legislation is subject to change. We always “keep our eyes on the ball” and provide information support to our customers. You can consult the details, and get detailed explanations of Continent experts on how the certification of goods works. Just contact us by phone or email.

Advantages of Executing Documents at Continent

  • Minimization of expenses for the certification of goods. Our experience allows us to optimize the document execution process so that you could avoid unnecessary expenses. Integrated certification of products carried out by experts can significantly reduce your expenses for the whole cargo customs clearance procedure.
  • Confidence in the correct certification of goods. Continent is a professional customs broker, which enables us to guarantee the perfect condition of all certification documents. Strict compliance with the legislation, optimization of the entire customs clearance process and highly qualified experts give our customers confidence in the unhindered customs procedures.
  • Time and labor costs saving. Cooperation with Continent frees you from the need to employ a certification expert or to incorporate these functions into the duties of other employees. It is much easier to entrust these tasks to professionals while saving your money and allowing everyone to do their job.

The documents we execute

  1. Certification and declaration in accordance with the Customs Union (CU) Technical Regulations:
    • “On safety of machinery and equipment”;
    • “On safety of low voltage equipment”;
    • “On safety of units operated with gaseous fuel”;
    • “Electromagnetic compatibility of technical means”;
    • “On safety of light industry products”;
    • “On safety of perfumes and cosmetics”;
    • “On safety of packaging”;
    • “On safety of products intended for children and teenagers”;
    • “On safety of toys”.
  2. GOST R certificate (declaration) of conformity.
  3. Certificate (declaration) pursuant to the Unified CU forms.
  4. Expert opinion on compliance with the Unified CU sanitary requirements.
  5. Certificate for state registration of the products in the CU territory.
  6. Certificate (declaration) of the Ministry of Communications.
  7. Fire Safety Certificate.
  8. Exemption letter about the absence of the need for mandatory certification.
  9. Permission for import of radio electronic equipment.
  10. License of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.
  11. State registration certificate.
  12. Certificate of the voluntary certification system.
  13. Certificate of origin.
  14. Specifications, instructions, passports for the devices.
  15. Expert opinion of the CCI on cost estimation.
  16. Export control of dual-purpose products (EXCONT).

If you have not found the necessary permit in the above list, you can still apply to our experts for the selection of an optimal solution for the certification of products.

Terms of Services for the Certification of Goods

The minimum term of execution of the standard permissive certificate is one hour. Execution of particularly complex orders can take up to several weeks. The final terms depend on the specific features of the product and the number of required documents. You can get detailed advice from our experts and find out when the order will be executed.

Cost of Services Rendered by Continent

It is possible to calculate the cost of certification of the goods only by taking into account all the features of your cargo, as well as the regulatory procedures for obtaining certificates and their validity terms. Our experts will make a preliminary calculation of the order, so you will know exactly the cost of each document and service. We are focused on long-term cooperation, so there are special discounts and offers for regular customers.

If you are interested in the certification of goods at Continent, please contact our representative office by phone dialing the number specified for your city.

Our clients