Package Cargoes from Turkey

ИThe service price is based on the following:
— Loading and unloading address in the Russian Federation;
— Weight;
— Number of packages;
— Dimensions of each package.

Operation algorithm
— Signing of a contract;
— FS application;
— Cargo shipment.

Our Advantages

We operate via electronic declaration centers

We have our own Certification Department

We work at the majority of customs stations

Specialized Analytical Department

Impressive amounts of various goods, such as clothes, dishes, textiles, etc., are regularly delivered from Turkey to Russia. Cost-efficient and convenient transportation mode: package cargoes from Turkey are shipped to Russia by sea, road and rail. Continent Group of Companies arranges transportation of small cargoes for different recipients within the consolidated supplies. Before shipment, the goods are consolidated at warehouses passing the preparatory stage, in particular, the execution of forwarding documents and permits. Then, the package cargoes are collected and forwarded to recipients by a predetermined and carefully thought-out route.

Continent renders a full range of services connected with the shipment of package cargoes from Turkey. Years of experience in this field and the partnership with major insurance and transport companies guarantee timely delivery of your cargo.

Our clients