Cargo shipment from Germany

Starting from 3 EUR/kg

At least 3 days.

Our Advantages

We operate via electronic declaration centers

We have our own Certification Department

We work at the majority of customs stations

Specialized Analytical Department

Continent Group of Companies ships cargoes from Germany on a door-to-door basis. Our experts will prepare all the necessary documents and take care of all the issues related to the cargo transportation across the border. Package cargo consignments are consolidated in reliable, protected warehouses and delivered to the customers within a predetermined time frame. In order to ensure the safety of transportation from Germany, you can conclude an agreement with insurance companies being the partners of Continent customs representative. We work with the companies with impeccable reputation, who have proven themselves in the insurance market.

Usually, Continent Group of Companies ships cargoes from Germany by road. However, we can arrange the delivery by air and rail, as well as the multimodal transportation, upon request.

The volume of cargo transportation from Germany to Russia is great: some cargoes are exported from Germany. In addition, this country is a transit point for some of the goods before being shipped to Russia. A reliable, well-developed road infrastructure has developed over the years of cargo transportation from Germany. Great consolidation warehouses are opened in such major German cities as Berlin, Munich and Cologne. Excellent condition of the German roads and well-established transportation logistics give grounds to ensure safe and timely delivery of any goods.

If you are interested in the package cargo shipment from Germany, please call. Continent customs representative will take over all the issues related to transportation, customs control and execution of forwarding documents.

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