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Oversized cargoes

In Russia, as in the whole world, the oversize cargo transportation is usually carried out not within one-time projects, but on the principle of a regular business process. The delivery methods and the need for compliance with precise sale terms make oversized cargoes and their transportation an extremely important business area of any transport and logistics company. At a time when cargoes are becoming more massive year by year and the projects are becoming more large-scale, the oversized cargo carriers shall strictly comply with certain rules. Continent Logistic ensures that oversized cargoes will be delivered on time and, herewith, completely ready for use.

The service price is based on the following:
The rates are much higher because of the hazardous cargo. A hazardous cargo label is glued on the vehicle.

Operation algorithm
— Signing of a contract;
— FS application;
— Cargo shipment.

Warning: you have to have a permission so that the cargo could be transported by public roads. In case of hazardous cargoes, you need a Material Safety Data Sheet.

Our Advantages

We operate via electronic declaration centers

We have our own Certification Department

We work at the majority of customs stations

Specialized Analytical Department

Oversized Cargo Delivery: Transportation and Forwarding with Continent Logistic

Continent Logistic offers oversized cargo forwarding and transportation services, as well as the services for implementation of project cargo transportations. An integrated approach to work requires detailed study of the possible options for delivery, careful development of the optimal route and complete control over every stage of transportation. Continent Logistic delivers oversized cargoes of various formats: here you can order the transportation of one large unit or dozens of containers. Our experts conduct an examination of the route, generate a number of individual recommendations, including the features of import of particular goods into the territory of Russia under the FCS classification decision.

Oversized Cargo Motor Transportation: Features

Continent Logistic has its own vehicle fleet of thirteen vehicle units with load-bearing capacity of 1,500 tons. The equipment that we use undergoes regular technical inspection and maintenance; the vehicle fleet is being constantly updated. For transportation of project cargoes we use MAN tractors and Goldhofer trawl modules (48 axes), from which the trawls different in width and length can be assembled. Split module modification makes it possible to carry up to 1,500 tons of cargo using, among other things, a self-propelled unit. Bridges and turns of different radii can be successfully overcome by the use of 4.9 meters wide trawls. The company’s vehicle fleet also has a SCANIA drop-side truck and two pilot cars.

If transportation of oversized cargo requires the use of special vehicles, we will take care of getting all the necessary approvals and permits. In order to select a vehicle suitable for transportation, it is necessary to take into account many factors, such as:

  • Characteristics of the goods (weight, size, and other characteristics);
  • Route of the cargo transportation;
  • Climate features (seasonal complications, possible weather risks for certain climatic zones).

A computer program especially developed for correct distribution of the load on the vehicle platform and calculation of the exact cargo location will facilitate these operations.

Oversized cargo transportation requires careful preparation: it is often necessary to de-energize power lines, strengthen bridges, build temporary piers, increase the radius of the turns on the route of the cargo For many cargoes it is necessary to produce special rigging and develop an individual scheme of fixing. Escort vehicles are often needed for transportation. Continent Logistic experts will think over all these nuances at the early route development stages. Route estimation error is reduced to almost zero through the efforts of professionals, which means that the cargo will be delivered safely and without delay.

We strictly adhere to the rules of transportation of oversized cargoes. The property of the customers is protected by an insurance policy, and a personal manager controls the preparation for transportation and the transportation itself. A customer of Continent Logistic can get detailed information about the cargo transfer on any day of the week, any time of day.

Continent Logistic provides transportation of oversized and heavyweight cargoes, complex transportation of industrial equipment and transportation of project cargoes. Powerful technical base, experience and professionalism allow the company to carry out transportation of any complexity in the shortest time possible. Thorough preparation for transport operations ensures the success of cooperation!


  • Door-to-door delivery of project cargoes
  • Development of the optimal delivery scheme
  • Development and manufacturing of rigging and fixtures
  • Organization of loading and unloading of oversized and overweight cargoes (including roll-on and rigging methods)
  • Development of drawings and coordination of allocation, loading and fastening of oversized cargoes
  • Monitoring of cargo transportation
  • Export-import declaration of transported project cargoes at the customs stations of the Russian Federation
  • Registration of the customs transit
  • Execution and receipt of classification decisions at FCS of the Russian Federation
  • Dredging operations
  • Bank consolidation
  • Construction of temporary piers

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