Certificate of inclusion of Customs Partner LLC in the register of customs representatives

Customs Card

Starting from 3–7%.

Up to 1 million RUR

Up to 1 month.

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We operate via electronic declaration centers

We have our own Certification Department

We work at the majority of customs stations

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A Customs card is a perfect solution to quickly execute customs payments. It is a universal tool serving for the convenience of payment of duties, taxes and various fees charged at customs clearance by using bank cards with built-in microprocessor chip, the use of which eliminates unproductive costs and guarantees to ensure the timely transfer of funds paid to the account of FC RF.

The Customs card is a sure way to pay for all existing customs fees at any customs authority within the Russian Federation round the clock.

The procedure of payment of the customs duties using the Customs card is as follows:

  1. according to the Contract for rendering customs representative (broker) services, an invoice for prepayment of the corresponding customs duties is issued to his bank account being the basis for an advance transfer by the customer of the required amount in the total estimation;
  2. the monetary funds transferred in advance are automatically credited to the customer’s Customs card upon their arrival to the account of the customs representative (broker);
  3. before starting the process of customs clearance of particular goods, the customer can use a special terminal, by means of which the funds from their Customs card will be debited in a strictly specified amount;
  4. in order to confirm the payment of customs duties with the Customs card, the customer will get a check issued by the terminal and certified by the signatures of the customs inspector and the Customs card holder;
  5. the check availability confirms the transfer of funds to the bank account of the customs authority, and the check is presented in conjunction with CCD;
  6. at the time of documenting the customs duties payment, the customer and the customs broker certify the payment order by their signatures;
  7. upon completion of the procedure of customs clearance of imported goods, the advance and actually transferred payments are subject to verification, herewith, the unencumbered balance is returned to the customer and the overdrawn amount is subject to a surcharge, thus, a separate invoice is issued.

Benefits of the Customs Card

The most important and indisputable advantage of the Customs card is the ability to both carry out the customs clearance at an accelerated rate and easily use the amount of money reserved on the card for payment of any and all customs duties. In addition, the Custom card owners can carry out customs clearance at the same time at two or more customs stations without having to plan in advance the place of customs clearance and the characteristics of the imported goods.

The Custom card owner does not need to pre-deposit funds on the bank account of the customs station. There is also no need to issue a bank guarantee as a security for the customer’s performance of their financial obligations.

When using the Customs card and paying the customs duties with it, the details of the date and amount of each individual payment for a particular customs station where customs clearance procedure was performed will be entered into the payer’s bank statement.

Target payments made by the Customs card are credited to the bank details of the customs authorities of the FC RF. Herewith, the implementation of any other payments is impossible, as they are automatically locked. This ensures the flow of funds only for its intended purpose. The fact that nobody can take advantage of your Customs card in case of loss is rather significant as well.

If during the customs clearance process it will turn out that the owner of the Customs card does not possess enough available funds to pay the customs duties, the procedure can be completed without delay by using our Customs card.

Our experts will give you comprehensive professional answers to all the questions related to execution of the Customs card and its practical use. Feel free to contact us by any of the methods specified in the “Contacts” section of this website.

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