Certificate of inclusion of Customs Partner LLC in the register of customs representatives

One-Stop Declaration Center (OSDC)

Based on the service cost analysis of Continent GC, it was decided to establish a One-Stop Declaration Center (OSDC) on the basis of the customs clearance department in Ivanovo.

All of the declarations of goods in our company are executed centrally at OSDC and then sent to the customs station specified by the customer.

The One-Stop Declaration Center has a number of advantages:

  • Allows carrying out the customs clearance of absolutely any goods;
  • At extremely low prices - starting from 3000 RUR for 1 Goods Declaration;
  • At any customs station of the Russian Federation;
  • Ability to control the customs clearance process on-line 24\7;
  • Free advice
  • Quality control

What does our customer get?

  1. Qualified declarants who know the execution features of goods declarations at almost all the key customs of the Russian Federation, working since the beginning of work of a customs authority until the end of work of the customs authority, seven days a week (no days-off), thereby reducing the costs of potential cargo downtime on weekends;
  2. A FEA manager, that is, a customs analyst who can competently carry out the analysis of all foreign trade documents, check the code according to the Customs Union Commodity Classification of Foreign Economic Activity and the description of the goods, as well as give recommendations on the customs clearance of the relevant cargo;
  3. The quality control department, the experts of which check the quality of the works performed on-line, that is, the errors that might occur during operation are minimized;
  4. A person in charge who is jointly and severally liable, with great work experience since 2002, as evidenced by a number of warrants and certificates.

Who may be interested in it?

  • All organizations involved in FEA
  • Small organizations having not very big cargo traffic, thus, it is inappropriate for them to have an own declaration department;
  • Logistics companies offering, inter alia, customs clearance services, which, however, are not ready to receive and maintain the status of a customs representative (broker)due to certain circumstances;
  • Large cargo owners (both importers and exporters) having FEA departments in their structure, for which it is appropriate to reduce their costs for customs clearance.

Work scheme

  1. The customer sends a documents package required for customs clearance to our corporate mailbox specially designated for this purpose;
  2. Customs clearance team leader appoints the responsible officer.
  3. If the goods did not undergo customs clearance earlier, then a customs analyst checks the description of the goods and the code compliance with the Commodity Classification of Foreign Economic Activity;
  4. Customs clearance expert types the goods declaration and must meet the tight time frame according to the OSDC work regulations;
  5. The typed goods declaration is sent to a quality inspector who checks the accuracy of the declaration on the basis of the documents submitted by the customer.
  6. In the absence of comments, the goods declaration is submitted to the specified customs station, as agreed with the customer

The outsourced Declaration Department allows to quickly and accurately type declarations and send them to the customs station specified by the customer. OSDC at Continent GC has been successfully operating since December 2014. Our experts in Ivanovo type the goods declarations and send them to a customs authority within 2 to 5 hours upon receipt of the documents and depending on the complexity of the declaration.

Thus, you save your time and your money. We assume full responsibility to you for the preparation and execution of documents related to your cargoes. Our reputation at the market is confirmed by many years of successful operation in the relevant segment, and a wide range of professional services rendered allows our customers to optimize their operations significantly saving in such basic resources as nerves, time and material supplies.

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