Certificate of inclusion in the register of customs representatives OOO "Customs Partner"

Customs Partner

Customs Partner LLC offers its customers mutually beneficial franchise-based cooperation. The essence of the work in this direction is to provide a customs representative brand under special conditions enabling you to carry out customs clearance yourself without the involvement of a third party. When using this work scheme, you can autonomously register any commodities in any customs regime.

Our Advantages

We operate via electronic declaration centers

We have our own Certification Department

We work at the majority of customs stations

Specialized Analytical Department

We can provide time-tested business schemes that will help you to create a clear work system for customs clearance in any field: excise cargoes, consumer goods, equipment, etc., upon your request.

This business option will help you to avoid many risks, as well as financial and time expenses, that may arise considering the volatile customs services market conditions prevailing today.

When cooperating under the franchise scheme, we are ready to assist you in financial and legal matters.

Work scheme

Our clients