Maritime Cargo Transportation

International container maritime transportation has several advantages that make this kind of cargo transportation extremely popular. Continent Logistic offers a full range of services related to the organization of maritime transportation: cooperation with insurers, cargo delivery to the port, customs clearance. Years of experience in this field allow the company experts to carry out marine transportation of cargoes from dozens of countries.

The service price is based on the following:
— Weight;
— Cargo description;
— Cargo harmfulness.

Operation algorithm
— Signing of a contract;
— FS application;
— Cargo shipment.

Our Advantages

We operate via electronic declaration centers

We have our own Certification Department

We work at the majority of customs stations

Specialized Analytical Department

International Maritime Cargo Transportation: Features and Advantages

The main advantage of this type of transportation is the reduction of costs, because maritime cargo transportation neither depends on the state of the roads, nor requires the participation of a large number of experts involved. Cargo can be transported in bulk, and this is another advantage of maritime transportation, as motor or rail transportation of the same volume of goods needs more specialized equipment.

Maritime cargo transportation has a few disadvantages as well. Vessels move slowly and cargo transportation from port to port requires considerably more time than its transportation by air. In addition, the movement of vessels depends on the weather and unforeseen delays may occur on the way. On the other hand, the low speed of maritime transport is compensated by the low cost of this type of cargo transportation and an impressive carrying capacity of ships.

It should be taken into account that, the customers, whose production facilities and warehouses are located close to the port cities, order international maritime transportation customers most often. In Russia, maritime cargo transportation has its own specific features. In winter, the Baltic Sea and the port waters of Murmansk are partially frozen creating additional difficulties for the carriers. Nevertheless, hundreds of tons of different cargoes, such as metal, wood, industrial products, are monthly delivered to the country by sea.

Maritime container transportation by Continent Logistic

Continent Logistic fully controls the process of cargo shipment by sea. Our experts will develop the route, trace the loading and fastening of containers and conclude a contract with the carrier meant to ship the cargo from the port to the destination. The customer needs only to report on the cargo and the delivery destination, and to designate the desired delivery terms. Delivery by sea ensures safety as fairly stringent requirements apply to the containers in which the goods are transported and to their fasteners.

Partnership with Continent Logistic relieves the customer from a need to delve into the nuances of tax and customs legislation of other countries, to enter into contracts with foreign counterparties or to sign agreements with carriers. Any cargo will be delivered to the port of destination on time and in full safety. If necessary, the customer will always be able to track the transportation way from the point of shipment to the end point.

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