International Motor Cargo Transportation

International motor cargo transportation has long proved its versatility and become one of the most popular services in the delivery of goods from different countries. A variety of cargoes, including loose, liquid, flammable materials, gaseous and solid cargoes, can be transported by road. The optimal vehicle for transportation can be found depending on the cargo characteristics. Continent Logistic organizes international transportation of cargoes by vehicles of any type and capacity.

The service price is based on the following:
— Rolling stock type;
— Type of packaging;
— Weight;
— Gross weight;
— Delivery terms and conditions;
— Cargo cost;
— City of loading/unloading;
— Insurance;
— Date of transportation commencement (rates may vary).

Operation algorithm
— Signing of a contract;
— FS application;
— Cargo shipment.

Our Advantages

We operate via electronic declaration centers

We have our own Certification Department

We work at the majority of customs stations

Specialized Analytical Department

International motor cargo transportation: transportation modes and delivery features

The main advantage of motor cargo transportation is the ability to lay any route making stops at several points. It allows to organize loading and transportation of extra cargo, and, thus, to deliver goods to several customers in one trip. Routes of motor cargo transportation are planned carefully in order to reduce fuel consumption and protect the cargo in transit. If necessary, escort and security cars can be arranged (this service is of high demand when transporting hazardous cargoes).

Vehicle fleet

Today, the choice of transport for the organization of international cargo transportation is quite wide. There are several classifications of specialized transport. For example, they can be grouped as tank cars for liquid and gaseous cargoes, drop-side trucks of general-purpose, specialized vehicles, such as dump trucks, tractors with trailers and semi-trailers, container trucks, refrigerators.

Vehicles can also be classified by the number of axles and axle load, as the most loaded axle can support the weight of up to six tons, or six to ten tons. There are two-, three-, four-, five-axle vehicles; herewith, the number of driving axles matters as well. Finally, vehicles for cargo transportation can be also divided into categories based on the vehicle set: international motor cargo transportation can be carried out by road train or by single vehicles. When choosing transport, the load bearing capacity shall be taken into account (it can be minimum, medium, maximum, up to 16 tons and over 16 tons).

Continent Logistic organizes international motor transportation of cargoes on the routes of any complexity. We will choose a vehicle suitable in terms of storage capacity, load bearing capacity and a method of loading the goods and ensure timely delivery of the cargo at destination. The company experts will take care of all matters related to customs clearance and payment of excise taxes. The company will also provide support of valuable or hazardous cargoes.

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