Continent Logistic – International Cargo Transportation

International and domestic cargo transportation are the main activities carried out by Continent Logistic. Continent Logistic forms part of Continent Group of Companies and can offer its customers a full range of logistics services on a door-to-door basis. The company’s experts provide legal support for FEA transactions and assistance in the matters of customs clearance. The geography of our services covers international transportation of cargoes from America, Europe, Asia, Scandinavia and the Baltic States.

The service price is based on the following:
— Route;
— Address;
— Loading/unloading weight;
— Weight and type of packaging;
— Insurance (if necessary);
— Cargo cost.

Our Advantages

We operate via electronic declaration centers

We have our own Certification Department

We work at the majority of customs stations

Specialized Analytical Department

Types of international cargo transportation

Maritime Rail Motor Multimodal

International Cargo transportation: Specific Features

The cargo transportation operations are planned depending on the way the cargo is to be delivered. International transportation can be carried out by maritime, rail, air or motor transport. In some cases, the cargoes from Europe are delivered in accordance with the multimodal scheme, involving various transportation modes. We work with any types of cargo transportation and monitor the delivery process at every stage.

International cargo transportation works the following way

The process includes several stages:

  1. Choice of transport.
  2. Route development.
  3. Signing of the transportation contract.
  4. Execution of documents.
  5. Cargo handling operations.
  6. Transport dispatch.

Each stage of transportation from Europe to Russia or within the country requires direct involvement of experts. Employees of Continent Logistic will study all the nuances and arrange the best route of transportation of the cargo in view of its basic characteristics, terms of sale and other important points. The customers will be offered a scheme requiring minimum financial and time expenses. Transportation contract is concluded not later than ten days prior to dispatch. All loading and unloading plans and drawings must be agreed with the customer. The carrier shall only inspect the cargo before shipment, the experts of Continent Logistic will take care of everything else. The transfer can be tracked throughout the entire route upon request of the customer.

Types of international cargo transportation

Maritime transportation

This method is reliable and inexpensive, its main advantage lies in the wide geography of shipping. The cargo is transferred in containers sized twenty or forty feet. International cargo transportation in Russia is carried out by loading the containers on cars and trains.

Rail transportation

Cargo shipping by rail to or from Europe incurs a minimal risk, as this mode of transportation is not affected by weather conditions or natural disasters. Loose and general cargoes are transported in covered versatile cars, container and bulk cargoes - in gondola cars and on platforms.

Motor cargo transportation

The advantage of this type of shipping of goods lies in the possibility of transportation without additional loading and unloading, as required, for example, when shipping to a port by sea. Loose cargoes are transported in dump trucks, other cargoes - in vans equipped with refrigerators, if necessary. Road tank vehicles are used for transporting liquids.

Multimodal cargo transportation

It is the most time-consuming transportation process involving several various transportation modes. Shipment of package cargoes from Europe pursuant to the multimodal scheme is possible in a short time despite the organization complexity. Experts of Continent Logistic will develop a transportation scheme minimizing the customer’s costs.

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