Certificate of inclusion of Customs Partner LLC in the register of customs representatives

Commission Agreement

Starting from 75,000 RUR

Import purchases or export sales.

Our Advantages

We operate via electronic declaration centers

We have our own Certification Department

We work at the majority of customs stations

Specialized Analytical Department

Work scheme under the Commission Agreement:

Continent GC renders FEA-related mediation services to the companies concerned in order to optimize commercial interaction with foreign business partners in the supply of foreign goods needing customs clearance to the Russian Federation. The Commission Agreement and the appropriate foreign economic Contract are the basic components of our proposed scheme.

The Commission Agreement is entered into by and between the Customer represented by the acquiring company and the Commission Agent represented by Continent GC. Subject matter of the Agreement is the implementation on behalf of the Commission Agent (Continent GC), but at the expense of the Customer (including general expenses and our fees), of certain actual and legal support of purchase of the goods, their customs clearance and delivery to the address specified by the Customer.

The actual and legal support provided are as follows:

  • After the Customer has finally chosen a certain consignment of homogeneous goods (for example, furniture consignment or any brand) and a foreign Supplier- non-resident, the Commission Agent debits to the bank details of the Supplier an amount in foreign currency agreed by the contract as payment for the goods purchased.
  • The Commission Agent undertakes to obtain a package of permits (non-tariff regulation) from the relevant state authorities.
  • The Commission Agent carries out a full range of procedures on customs clearance of the goods imported within the framework of the foreign economic contract and the delivery of vehicles (including all related fees).
  • Upon completion of customs formalities, the Commission Agent shall deliver the goods being the property of the Customer at the specified address, including the rendering of related logistics services (storage, forwarding, etc.).
  • The Commission Agent carries out insurance of the Customer’s goods as an insurer. Herewith, the Customer acts as a beneficiary.

Interaction organization according to the above scheme is advantageous to the Customer for the following reasons:

  • There is no need to transfer currency abroad with all the related procedural difficulties on their own. As your Commission Agent, we undertake all the efforts associated therewith.
  • The work in accordance with the existing conventional scheme without the involvement of an authorized Commission Agent provides prior approval and subsequent execution of a separate contract for each of the four components of the process of the goods shipment (financial, forwarding, customs, insurance). That, in turn, requires a lot of material costs and the nervous energy consumption. As part of the single Contract concluded with us, we undertake the responsibilities of a financial intermediary, an insurance broker, a customs declarant and a forwarder guaranteeing the cargo safety. Thus, by choosing us as a Commission Agent, you get a real opportunity to save time and money significantly.
  • When interacting under the proposed scheme (Commission Agreement + foreign economic Contract), the goods imported with our help are owned by the Customer in full in strict compliance with all the requirements of international and Russian regulations.


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