Corporate Mission

We sincerely support the most fundamental concept of living: Moving is living. Times change, goals and objectives come and go, but the meaning of life remains unchanged. And that is the reason why we specified this meaning in our Mission:


To help people be happier with creating and turning new ideas into reality.
To make a better world with connecting continents through the bridges of various logistics solutions.
Just being a reliable Partner.

According to company’s mission we believe that the most important thing is to do the right things, not just do it in the right way. So professionalism, experience and competence ensure an optimal way to the goal. And company’s values help to choose the right or the most appropriate actions. We determined a formula for success for ourselves and try to follow it:

Company’s values

Strategic values:

Ethical values

  • Positive thinking

  • To think out of the box

  • Determination

  • Start with yourself, do not shift your responsibility to others

  • Solidarity

  • Generosity

  • Responsibility for those we tamed

  • Absence of shallow judgements – think deeply

Corporate goal

To step into the future: to move ahead of the market and to anticipate expectations of clients to FEA-operator of a new era.
We are seeking a mutually beneficial partnership between our Company and you: our Clients, Partners, Colleagues and Friends of our companycont.



Our clients