History of the Company

When selecting our international name – “Continent” – as well as our tagline “Connecting continents”, we based our decision on the scope of company’s activity. They reflect our focus on success and unity (the name comes from the Latin “continens”, genitive “continentis” - the mainland - a very large area of and, while the tagline “Connecting Continents” emphasizes the direction of our efforts). We hold the exclusive legal right to use of the name and slogan of the company. They were patented in 2009.

The company’s birthday is timed to the date of signing the lease for our first office – July 19, 2002.

The Moscow representative office opened in 2004. In 2004 the company opened an office in Moscow. Since then, Continent Customs Agency provides customs clearance of goods coming directly to Moscow and the Moscow region. Direct shipments from Europe to Moscow. Transportation services.

In 2005 and 2006 the development of the company was at its most dynamic so far: we expanded staff and found new opportunities to provide more services.

In January 2006 we started to form our customs declaration department and began work at the Baltic and St. Petersburg customs. During the same year we opened the branches of the customs declaration department at the aforementioned customs, while in 2007 the branch in Osinovaya Roscha was founded.

In December 2006 our company received a certificate of inclusion in the Register of customs brokers (representatives) which allowed us to greatly expand the range of services provided to customers. Now we are required to confirm this certificate from time to time.

In April 2008 Continent opened its first branch in Murmansk. Our qualified staff provides professional assistance in customs treatment of goods related to supply of Russian ships and fish production and assists in drawing out of veterinary documents. Standard customs regimes. We provide customs clearance services to oil and gas companies, members of "Murmanshelf", "Atomflot" and "Sovcomflot", as well as 50% of fishing companies.

In November 2008 Continent Group of Companies joined the Chamber of Commerce of St. Petersburg. Based on the dynamic growth and development of the Group, Continent was expanding its branch network throughout Russia.

In September 2009 we opened a branch in Novorossiysk. From that moment it became possible for us to provide customs clearance for goods arriving to the South of Russia from China and Turkey. Quick and professional clearance of goods, arriving by sea and by road, at the port.

In November 2009 the branch in Nizhny Novgorod was opened. Its main purpose is the declaration of goods coming directly to recipients in Nizhny Novgorod and the Nizhny Novgorod region. Here we carry out comprehensive work on major contracts for large customers. The work of employees of the branch is characterized by quick and proper handling of documents.

In the autumn of 2009 our company opened a new business direction and began providing legal services in the context of foreign economic activity.

In February 2010 we opened our Kaliningrad branch. Its main responsibility is to provide customs clearance for European goods that arrive into the special economic zone, as well as those that are intended for the Russian recipients. It also provides services of registering transit through the Russian Federation (transport, customs clearance). Here we also regularly process complicated multi-coded cargo.

In December 2010 we opened a branch in Rostov-na-Donu. A team of qualified employees at the branch quickly and efficiently provide customs clearance of bulk liquid and bulk cargo arriving to the southern ports of Russia. Also available are logistics services and port forwarding, as well as maintenance of ships engaged in delivering goods via rivers to sea.

In March 2011 we opened our Belgorod branch. It was instrumental in making it possible to provide customs clearance of cargo from Ukraine and goods being transited through Ukraine (both by road and by rail) as well as fast and efficient clearance of imported and exported goods.

In June 2011 we opened our branch in Kazan. There qualified specialists provide customs clearance of goods arriving from Ukraine, Belarus, the Baltic States, as well as from Western Europe. Here we also provide freight forwarding services by all types of transport and for all types of cargo.

In 2011 the Continent Group of Companies became a member of the Guild of Professional FEA Participants. This allows us to take part in forming favorable economic, political and legal conditions for developing entrepreneurial activity in context of FEA and to ensure the effective development of the Russian economy.

In 2013 Continent Group was awarded the Russian national prize "National Quality Mark".

In August 2014 we became a member of Association of European Businesses. This will allow us to participate in events organized for the business community in Europe. Moreover, we plan to actively use the opportunity to interact with representatives of legislative and executive authorities of Russia and Europe to promote the interests of business in the field of foreign economic activity.

In December 2014 we opened a branch in Krasnoyarsk. The Krasnoyarsk branch of Continent Group offers a full range of foreign economic activity services in the Siberian and Far Eastern regions. Customs clearance is carried out at customs offices in Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk and Irkutsk and at the international automobile border-crossing point in Zabaikalsk.

Today Continent Company Group employs more than 150 people. Our main advantages include being customer-oriented and providing end-to-end services that allow our customers to avoid worrying about trivial and time-consuming issues, regardless of their specifics: whether it’s searching specific technological means or timely delivery of complicated cargo.

We continue to expand the scope and improve the quality of our services. For more than 10 years the Continental team has been at the forefront of the struggle with the difficulties and changes facing Russian business, but we always strive to be one step ahead of the competition. Our immediate goal is to reach a new level of quality for our customers and to become a nationwide customs and transport company.

We are proud of our customers who believe in us, of our employees who remain loyal to the company, and we will exhaust every effort to make sure Continent is developing well and finding prosperity.

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