About Continent Group of Companies

Alexander Ganov, Deputy Director General for Branches

On behalf of the whole Continent Group of Companies I welcome you to our website.

It took us more than 15 years to come a long and difficult way from being a small group of like-minded people to becoming a serious large-scale holding company, from undertaking small tasks to managing projects on a national scale. The lists of the types of cargo we handle and the customers we serve inspire respect and at the same require us to always act professionally and responsibly.

Anyone who has an idea of what customs clearance is like in Russia understands how creative one’s approach to addressing emerging issues in our sector should be. We have been hardened by the difficulties that we’ve overcome, while keeping the flexibility of our original approach. Our business strives to be the most helpful to you in any market conditions and wherever you are in Russia.

Our customers get not only the full range of services provided by any serious customs agent, but also our sincere attention, care and a friendly shoulder.

Our clients